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Communications trainer Esther Stella Scherer (name at the time of publication: E.S. Weidlich) is the author of the book "So managen Sie Ihren Chef" ("How to manage your boss"), published by the publishing house Falken Gabler, ISBN 3-8068-2657-9.

In her book, Esther Stella Scherer looks into the issue of human nature and the ensuing relationship with one's manager from the perspective of the employee using Jung's teachings of typology and methodology for preferred behaviours.

"Do not try to change your boss or client but behave in line with his character type. Behind all the various human behaviour patterns there are basic characters that can be analysed relatively quickly and accurately."

The book provides basics in psychology as well as approaches that can be applied for dealing with various types of managers. The basic types – director, inspirer, supporter and observer – are easily identified and can be further differentiated into sub-types and mixed types. Case studies are presented and individual strategies and appropriate behaviour patterns illustrated.

Numerous types and means of communication are explained and combined with action plans, which will support what has been learnt and identified when it comes to implementation. Non-verbal means of communication, such as body language, are explained and broken down into the aspects that need to be taken into account in the communication between manager and employee. Emotional and personal competence in the working environment is discussed in detail, the criteria for assessing emotional intelligence is supplemented with valuable recommendations regarding behaviour. The different ways of dealing with praise and criticism will reveal the manager for what he is. Esther Stella Scherer points out the employee types that are then needed. The various extreme typology types of managers are splendidly described, always with a pinch of humour.

The issue of "agreement on objectives" is dealt with in detail, numerous basic principles are explained and useful suggestions made. Potential limitations of the individual manager types are also explained.

"It is your power of persuasion that can help overcome these limitations. Learn to understand what your employer really wants to achieve, for mutual goals are the only thing that connect the parties involved even with their different characters. Support him, harness his strengths, offset his weaknesses, motivate him and help him in stressful situations.

This book will help you identify all of the positive opportunities to use your influence and apply it for the benefit of the company."