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Axel Sven Malkomes

CEO & Country Manager Merck Austria

Stella's humorous, exciting, interdisciplinary team-orientated guidance enabled us to gain insight into and about ourselves and brought the team together in an impressive manner: it was the birth of a real team. We are still profiting from it today.


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Dr. Richard Zang

Country Manager & Chief Representative / Merk China / Schanghai China

During the course, different types of personalities were analyzed in connection with colors. Once the different personality was understood, ways how to better connect and communicate with each other or among the colleagues with different colors are discussed. After the training, everyone found the analysis and practice very useful and helped to achieve a better communication with each other.

Czech Republic

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Dr. Thomas Held

Vorstandsvorsitzender, Stinnes AG

Our world conference was a success - and we also owe that to your professional and brilliant moderation.


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Eckhard Hofsaess

Director HR Abbott Diagnostics Europe, Africa, Middle East

Our international high potentials had a pilot training in autumn 2001 with Stella Stieber. The training took place over four days, in four languages. Not only did the training provide many an exciting "aha" experience, but even now, 10 months later, we are still experiencing a sustained know-how transfer. Our employees and managers learned how to optimize their communication skills and to master stress and conflict situations in the different courses, also known as "type-oriented communication". This not only improves the results within a team, but also sets new standards for both the personal and professional future of the individual. The high validity in the methodology and the analyses as the basis for the training ensures that the participant accept the relevance of the chosen themes. Ms. Stieber established a reputation as a very competent trainer very quickly. Her multiple capabilities, not only her language skills but also her repertoire of competences, have gained her respect at all management levels in the company. We have used Ms. Stella Stieber from Europe to the Middle East to carry out seminars in subject matters as diverse as leadership, teambuilding, the high potential program and sales. (All in the local language of the country involved, or in English for cross functional teams.) The feedback from the colleagues and participants from the respective countries, who have all reported in glowing terms from the seminars, attests to the consistently high quality of her training.


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Alasdair Stewart

CEO of Bentley Motors

First, many thanks for your help and active engagement over the last two Days with our Team in Molshein for Bugatti. I really felt you got into it ( I expect you always do), and see an opportunity to help us develop as an excellent Team.
Thank you once more for your great support.



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Darius M. Ghiai

Merck KGaA, CorpHR/ Management Development

Good leadership is always dependent on the appreciation and the self-leadership of the person who leads. We were looking for an instrument that was founded on solid scientific theory to support our managers in this area and to give them an effective additional arrow to their (leadership) behavioral armory.

We came across best connection and the Insights Discovery methodology in our search for the appropriate instrument. The instrument convinced us to try out pilot projects within the organisation. These projects were so successful that the Insights Discovery training has become a fixed standard for management training at Merck KGaA. Insights Discovery is easy to understand, can be implemented immediately and is endowed through the systemic approach within the organisation a sustainability that is hardly possible for "classical" management training programmes alone.

The best connection trainings is characterised by professionalism, commitment and authenticity.

Karolin Sommer-Baum

Managerin HR/Management Development, Stinnes AG, Mülheim/Ruhr

We carried out a leadership seminar in English with best connection in April 2002 for middle and senior managers in Stinnes in the context of the "Stinnes International Management Programme".

Ms. Stieber was able to keep the tension alive for the 3 days with a "colorful mixture" of theory and practice in the "leadership and communication" seminar. Our international managers rated the seminar as very relevant to their activities. They received many new and valuable impulses for their daily leadership work relating to perception, communication and conflict behavior. We will include Ms. Stieber in our international management program after this successful pilot seminar.

Boris Bethge

Leiter Human Recources LSW Maschinenfabrik

I decided on a coaching because I wanted to realign my professional development with my personal development. A few unanticipated changes occurred within the structure of the organization during my coaching process that also had a direct impact on me. Ms. Stieber helped me to work out an immediate and concrete strategy for my job that would enable me to ride out the consequences of the changes. These were concrete measures that were based on a sound negotiation strategy and my personal communication skills. In order to strengthen my initial situation, Ms. Stieber simultaneously worked out an alternative strategy that would have enabled me, in the worst case, to change the organization with the help of a headhunter. With this strengthened position I was able to react to the situation with greater self-confidence. By the way, I haven't changed companies. The strategy helped me to reach the position I had concentrated on before the organizational changes much quicker than I anticipated.

Carola Hoffmann

Geschäftsführerin, AZ GmbH Personaldienstleistungen, Berlin

Those who don't book Stella Stieber have only themselves to blame!
A spirited and convincing trainer - sensitive, quick-witted, and humorous - believable to the last detail. One leaves the seminars strengthened and with an increased dynamism, well-armed for tackling the daily tasks; And not only thanks to Insight, an absolutely founded, understandable method, which makes it possible for even the greatest ego to understand the world. Thanks Ms. Stieber. Carry on the good work!

Rolf Schmidt

Bayerische Hausbau Aktiengesellschaft, Niederlassungsleiter Berlin

After initial skepticism I have to admit that the 8 month coaching program contributed greatly to my personal and professional development. Particularly in the areas of communication with customers and employees, as well as my negotiating skills, I see (as do those around me) how not only my appreciation with respect to people has been changed, but I have been able to generate concrete strategies to greatly improve my communication behavior. In addition, the coaching has helped me in my private life to find new aspects and possibilities for understanding. Many thanks from me, my employees and my customers...

Barbara Sourisseaux

Leiterin Sirona Dental Akademie, Sirona Dental Systems GmbH, Bensheim

Stella Stieber prepared our exhibition team for the International Dental Show 2000 excellently. She possesses a very good intuition and comprehensive experience in using the Discovery Insights analysis. Our employees were trained and motivate. The exhibition was a complete success for Sirona.

Great Britain

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Anke Dres

English Text??


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Sjoerd Eisma

CEO und Präsident Blue Fox Enterprise

Stella Stieber is one of the most intriguing and professional key note speakers ever seen. Her ability to handle a speech in 6 languages and using different cultural elements with our international top management team consisting of 22 tough guys was outstanding and unique.


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Francesco Di Castri

Presidente ANACI Srl., Prato, Italien

The 2 days course on personal development was a real benefit for all of us. I was personally amazed, how Stella was able to involve all the 20 participants coming from total different backgrounds, companies and ages. Her approach, especially in the psychological aspects is very professional and sensitive, but at the same time does not miss any of strength and charisma. I am very much looking forward to our next training and Stella's next visit to Italy to have the Life in Balance course in Prato.


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Herbert Wilhelm

Managing Director / Schenker AG Japan

I found the trainer, Ms. Stella Stieber, to be very qualified; she made a difficult - and for many of us unusual - subject exciting. Her English was excellent and I believe that all participants were able to follow her training, regardless of their native languages.


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Yun-suk Cha

Head of Human Resources / Merck Limited / Merck Advanced Technologies / Seoul, Korea

It was really amazing. I have never experienced that kind of really practical training.
Before attending the MLCUR 1 Insights training, I did not know why I had difficulty to manage and communicate with our colleagues. After training, our team could have one direction, one voice and great synergy. I would like to really recommend this training to many people who want to be good communicators, effective leaders and real managers.


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David Guerrero

Präsident und CCO BBDO Manila, Philippinen

The process of assessing individuals for their personality preferences and then teaching us the tendencies of the different styles and ways to work with them was a fundamental building block in pulling the team together. We have participated in all the various ways to do this and found this approach to be by far the most straightforward and easy to drive to meaningful actions which we can take to improve interaction.

We have made major strides in improving the Agency's performance and the perception of our customers and executive management. Starting with an effective way to address interaction between the leaders was a key cornerstone to the process.


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Timur Ilyaguev

Commercial director, N.Sella, Moskau, Russland

Dear Mrs. Stieber, We would like to express you our thanks for the seminar carried out by you in September 21-22, 2002. The information received from you was not only interesting but also really valuable and important for us. We do hope that we will put into practice all we learnt at the above-mentioned seminar and use the received information with the most profit.

Dr. med. dent. A. Lobatch


After the communication course with Stella Stieber, I began to use my opportunities with the greater efficiency. I began to make the plan of realization of a training in view of the different characters of our customers. This brought positive input in the development of our communication by using the new learned strategies even with the most difficult clients. I am sure, that this knowledge will help me to collect a professional team and will be able to transfer it into my daily activities.


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Marc Haushofer

Chief Executive Officer & Principal Officer Munich Re Singapore, Südostasien

I believe leaders have to be charismatic, charming and strong when the time is right, but they likewise need to know when to be humble, modest and understated. Stella Stieber's coaching for executives helped our organization tremendously to succeed in understanding the various types of leaders and personalities within our workforce. Understanding the different facets of your personality, and those that you work and interact with, is the first step towards achieving a breakthrough in your business.


Financial Controller, Merck Singapore

Yes, the feedback I got from the participants was really something and I must say it met more than the objectives as far as the Singapore team was concerned. You will be glad to know that our Malaysian colleagues felt the same too and a personal thank you to you for a job well done.


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Dr. Hans von Dewall

Vice President, Schenker AG, Training fand in Andalusien statt

Ms. Stieber has achieves a high level of acceptance through her professionalism and profound understanding of the issues, and also with female charm, sensitivity and optimism.


Beatrice Wan

Corp. Human Resources Merck Group in Taiwan

Thanks for Best Connection to facilitate "Insight training" for us. The insight training has been assigned by Merck to be the module 1 of Merck Leadership Curriculum, through the facilitation of Best connection, our colleagues can easily understand the difference between individual and know how to communicate with the colleagues with different characters. It also provides a common language to start a conversation among different departments. If possible, we would like to cascade it down to cover more supervisory level colleagues with local language.


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Elcin Ergun

Managing Director, Merck Serono Turkey

The Leadership training with a special focus on teambuilding delivered by Stella Stieber provided extremely good insights to each management team member about other colleagues' different styles, thinking and behaviour as a result of which we felt stronger as a group to have identified our differences which we can utilise to create even a stronger management team here in Merck Turkey.


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M.A. Pringle

General Manager, Charlotte Turbine / Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation

With this letter I would like to recommend best connection, which provided me with unrivalled support in building up a top management team. I had taken over the management of a large factory complex that manufactures parts for electrical generating plants. Extensive reductions in personnel, union campaigns and quality problems had wrecked havoc within the team.

I was recommended best connection as the company which would help me to build a strong management team whilst using our resources as efficiently as possible. The best connection approach, assessing individuals based on their personal preferred behaviors, knitted the team more closely together. The different personality types received help in how best to interact with each other.

Ms. Stieber's way of teaching our team was excellent. We have made strides forward and increased the capacity and output of the factory and are able to better understand our customers and our management. We have put the basis for effective co-operation in place!

Paul Strumph

M.D. Executive Director Metabolics, Bristol-Myers Squibb

This has been the MOST significant "awakening" I have experienced in the work-world. The material would have stood on its own merits. It was made even more successful by the facilitator, Stella Stieber. The addition of such a highly skilled facilitator was profoundly positive.

Very significant knowledge and tools to help my management role have been presented to me. I am anxious to start making some positive use of it.


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Heinz Landau

Chairman & Managing Director, Merck Ltd., Thailand

During our Off-Site Leadership Team - Meeting, Mrs. Stieber taught us in a very competent, committed and joyful way how to transfer the newly gained self understanding and understanding of other people's typologies into more effective interaction and into better definition and achievement of personal and company goals.  Mrs. Stieber did an excellent job and was able to achieve a high acceptance among all our Leadership Team members.

Mrs. Puangpet Boonsai

Managing Director of Green Power Corporation

We will benefit from Stella's insights into our teamwork long after the seminar is over.

Mrs. Preeyanart Soontornwata

President of the Amata Power Group

Driven by Stella's inspiring and winning personality we all returned back to work with new enthusiasm and fresh energy.


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Alejandro Fernandez

Personaldirektor, Brenntag Latein Amerika

In November 2002 we had Leadership Communication training with Stella Stieber in Puerto de La Cruz, Venezuela. The group consisted of 22 participants of our Latin American management team. The 3 1/2 days passed very quickly. The training, with all the team exercises and leadership tasks was quite new and challenging to us. During the training, Stella divided the whole group into 4 smaller groups, that were all given the same task with the following 24 hour assignment: 'How we see the future of a more successful and united Brenntag Latin America'. The groups started to become very competitive, and we could identify all the group dynamics described in the typology and human behaviors we had been taught before. The Insights methodology shows the dynamics, strength and weaknesses in the communication very clearly. Our managers were amazed at the high valid feedbacks of the personal reports and could profit particularly from the one-to-one coachings that Stella gave to all participants during those days. We are looking forward to continue using this concept in the future and strongly support this kind of program and the professionalism of Stella!